Andrey Klassen

born in Irkutsk, Russia

2001-2004 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art School Irkutsk, RU
2005-2010 Master of Fine Arts, class Prof. Ralf Kerbach, Academy of Fine Arts Dresden, DE
2010-2012 Master Studies with Prof. Ralf Kerbach, Academy of Fine Arts Dresden, DE

Lives and works in Dresden


Andrey Klassen demonstrates the endless variety of ink painting. The fascination lies not alone in the artist’s astonishing technical skill. Klassen moves ably through various sceneries whose content seems to us sometimes dream-like, surreal, fairytale-like, borrowed from art history, or even from everyday life. This broad spectrum in terms of content stands in contrast to Klassen’s formal concentration. He works almost exclusively with black ink on paper, and only very rarely do we find any colour in his visual worlds.

In his virtuoso brush drawings, Klassen uses a medium that has always embodied the connection between painting and drawing that can be traced back to a centuries-old tradition, all the way to its origin in Eastern Asia. While the artist of a Japanese ink drawing aims at expressing a motif’s inner content, its very essence, Klassen creates, in a completely different way, seemingly endless narrative spaces.


Solo show


Flaneur, Oberüber | Karger, Dresden
Neue Schwarze Romantik / New Black Romanticism, Stadtgalerie Kiel, Kiel
Neue Schwarze Romantik / New Black Romanticism, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

Schwarze Disziplin, zanderarchitekten, Dresden, DE (solo)
Sieben Todsünden, Städthische Galerie Dresden - Kunstsammlung, DE (solo)

LA VIDA NO VALE NADA, espace despalles, Paris, FR

...we do have a problem, Galerie Renner Prinz, Wien, AT (solo, with Sarah Pichlkostner)

Café Raduga, Hamish Morrison Galerie, Berlin
 Volta Show, Hamish Morrison Galerie, New York
Im Büro, Hamish Morrison Galerie, Berlin

positiv/negativ, Galerie „Dom Hudoznika“, Irkutsk, Russland (solo)
Bad Things-Bad Things, Senatsaal, HfBK Dresden (with Clemens Reinecke)

Reisende, Galerie „treibhaus“, Dresden (solo)

Städtischen Museum, Irkutsk, Russland (solo)

Galerie „Rogal-Haus“, Irkutsk, Russland (solo)

Galerie „Rogal-Haus“, Irkutsk, Russland (solo)

Galerie „Rogal-Haus“, Irkutsk, Russland (solo)

Group show


GorbatSHOW IV (on Tour(, Wiender Art Foundation, Wien AT (group)
Display Gallery London, UK (group)


Bittersüsse Zeiten, Barock und Gegenwart in der Sammlung SöRRusche Oelde / Berlin, Kunsthaus Stade, De (group, cat.)
Blackout, edition solo ma non troppo, Paris, FR (edition, cat.)
Building Building TWO, Kunsthaus Utrecht, Utrecht, NL (group, cat.)
Building Building ONE, Dresden - Utrecht Exchange Project, LAB, Dresden (group, cat.)
OPTIMA MIHI IN CHARTIS, Galerie Römerapotheke, Zürich, CH (group)
Dada TY, Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Hellrau, Dresden, DE (group, cat.)
NEW WORKS, fruehsorge contemDrawing Now Paris, Le Carreau du Temple, by frehsorge contemporary und Galerie Römerapotheke, Paris, FR

Pluralprojekt: Unmittelbarkeit,Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, DE (group)
Gorbatshow III, Galerie Baer, Dreden, DE (group)
Obscure, Villa Renata, Basel, CH (group)
Family Matters, Hamish Morrison Galerie, Berlin, DE (group)
Ein Drittel Weiß, KIT–Kunst im Tunnel, Düsseldorf, DE (group, kat.)

2012, RH Gallery, New York, US (group)
Keine Bilder ohne Liebe, Galerie Poll, Berlin, DE (group)
Verantwortung, C. Rockefeller Center fort he Contemporary Arts, Dresden, DE (group)
Kopfüber, Ausstellung von MeisterschülerInnen der HfBK Dresden, Dreden, DE (group)
Seeing Red, Hamish Morrison Galerie, Berlin, DE (group)

"S.......XL", Galería adhoc, Vigo (group)
PREVIEW Berlin, Hamish Morrison Galerie, Berlin (group)

Diplomausstellung 2010, Oktogon, HfBK Dresden (group, cat.)
U(DYS)TOPIA – Indonesien und Deutschland, Freies Museum Berlin, Berlin (group, cat.)
U(DYS)TOPIA – Indonesien und Deutschland, Galerie "Brühlsche Terrasse", HfBK Dresden (group, cat.)
Frühjahrssalon 2010 „Alle gegen Kerbach“, Galerie „zanderkasten“, Dresden (group)

МИМ 2009, Galerie „A3“, Moskau, Russland (group)
Frühjahrssalon 2009, Galerie „zanderkasten“, Dresden (group)

Revue 2008, Galerie „treibhaus“, Dresden (group)

Internationale Grafik-Biennale „БИН 2004“, Sankt Petersburg, Russland (group)

Grants and prizes


 Marion Ermer award, Jena

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