Tina Gverovic

geboren 1975 in Zagreb, Kroatien

1998 - 2000
MA, Jan van Eyck Akademie. Post Graduate Centre for Art, Design and Theory. Maastricht, NL.

BA, Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, Croatia.

lebt und arbeitet in Zagreb und London


‘Constant Traveller’, exhibition including video, light boxes, drawing on the wall, BOP, Zagreb, Croatia.

‘Reconstruction’, audio/visual installation (with Sinisa Ilic), Kontekst Gallery, Beograd, Yugoslavia.
‘The Visit’, project including drawings, wall drawings and a reading at  Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia.
‘At First Sight’, project including drawings, wall drawing, video,  Blickensdorff Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

‘Spies and Subjects’, installation with sound, Notice Gallery, London, UK.

‘Ways Out’. series of projects ( mirror, video, light), Media 911Art Centre.Seattle, USA.
‘Third part-reset’, video installation, Gliptoteka HAZU, curated by Ben Cain, Tina Gverovic, and Zlako Wurzberg, Zagreb, Croatia.

‘Six rooms’. Six installations inc. sound, video, drawing. Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik, Croatia.
‘Together’. installation for 'Pilot' project. Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb, Croatia.
'Third Part' stage, actors, script, video, still images. exhibition centre 'Gliptoteka', Zagreb, Croatia.
‘Diary of Drowning’, installation including sound, wall drawing, light. PM Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia.

‘From 1 to 4’, video / documentary, project supported by The English Art Council, Leeds, UK.
‘The Event’- writing, furniture, performance,Fordham Gallery, Whitechapel, London, UK.

‘Inbetween one beginning and two ends inbetween two beginnings and one end’.

‘Theatre Stage Set’, paintings, oil on canvas, University Gallery, Porec, Croatia.
‘Theatre Stage Set’, paintings, oil on canvas, Gallery Gradska, Zagreb, Croatia.

‘Occupied’. ’installation inc. floating elements on the sea surface facing the border line of Croatia and Bosnia, Ston, Croatia.


Changes in the scale of a map’, a video installation commissioned for THT exhibition in Museum of contemporary art, Zagreb.
Choose Your Time’, series of paintings for the exhibition ‘Libertas’, HDLU, curated by Antun Maracic, Zagreb.
Choose Your Time’, series of paintings for the exhibition ‘Parallel Lines’, Museum Rupe, Dubrovnik, curated by Katarina Ivanisin Kardum and Silva Kalcic.

‘Constant Traveller’, two channel video installation for the exhibition ‘Re/Konstrukcije’, Waldinger Gallery, curated by Branka Bencic, Osijek.
‘After Besa’, pencil drawing for the Triennial of Drawing, Gliptoteka, Zagreb.

Croatian Contemporary Art, Lalit Kala, New Delhi, India.
‘At First Sight’, Forum Stadtpark, curated by WHW, Graz, Austria.
‘Vocal Verbal’, sound project, SC curated by Lala Rascic, Zagreb, Croatia.
‘Pustjerna’, video installation inc. drawings for ‘On The Crossroards’, City Community Hall, Curated by Ana Perajica, Split, Croatia.

‘At First Sight’, drawings and paintings for group exhibition Triumph of Painting,
HDLU curated by Zvonko Makovic, Zagreb, Croatia.
‘This Place Will  Disappear’, installation with drawing and light for the exhibition ‘Here and Now,            
Present but not Concrete’, curated by WHW.  Modern Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
‘At First Sight’, drawing for group exhibition Klovicevi Dvori, Zagreb, Croatia.
‘Monuments for Nikola Tesla’. Poster for group show at Gallery Nova, curated by WHW, Zagreb, Croatia.
‘At First Sight’, installation inc. painting and drawing. Radoslav Putar award exhibition Galerija, Galzenica, Zagreb, Croatia.
‘From the Beginning’, paintings (akril), Avesta Biennale, Sweeden.
‘Island’,PM gallery, group exhibition curated by Tina gVerovic and Ben Cain, Zagreb, Croatia.
‘Cat in Trousers’,  set design for Mostar N Theatre.Directed by Rober Waltl.

‘You and me”. Video / sound installation for ‘Continental Breakfast’. Museum of Modern Art, Maribor, Slovenia.
Alice Day Gallery, Brussels, Belgium. Screening of video work.
Set Design for The Little Mermaid. Zagreb City Theatre. Directed by Robert Waltl.
‘About Recording and Watching’. Video Installation. For ‘Insert’; Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb.
‘Psychometrics’. Sound / Video installation. Gallery SC,Group show curated by Tina Gverovic and Ben Cain, Zagreb, Croatia.
‘As it used to b’e. Video produced for Video workshop in Baranja, Croatia.
‘Layers Digging’. Video for ‘Pustjerna’, Dubrovnik, Croatia.
‘Kino’.Video installation with wall drawing.For Linear Structures.Riga Gallery, curated by Branko Franceschi, Riga, Latvia.

‘Facing’. Video installation. Monitor, live video, poster. For ‘Ordinacija’, SC gallery, Zagreb, Croatia.
‘Yes or No’, installation, ‘Distant Neighbourhoods’, Lazareti Dubrovnik/ Cetinje/ Mostar.
'What to see, what to do, where to go'. 'Imagine Limerick', ev+a 2004, Limerick City Gallery, curated bu Zdenka Badovinec, Limerick, Ireland.

'Taking pictures and making scenes'. 12 page contribution to publication 'Fantom Slobode' (pub. Croatia).
'After the city' installation (spoken text, spot light, glass), curated by Antun Maracic, Modern Art Gallery, Split, Croatia.
The screening of 'They always write the place names in two languages'. video festival, Momjan, Istria, and Gallery Nova, Zagreb (14.10.2003). Croatia..
'After sound', Triennale of Croatian Sculpture, Gliptoteka, Zagreb, Croatia.

Film you’. studio lighting (tv drama), text, actor, theatre lights. mediator (temp. space), Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Scenography, Lighting, Poster for theatre production ‘Oedipus’. Split, Croatia and touring inc. Vienna, Rijeka.(1st prize ‘Judita’ at Split Summer Festival).
‘Discussion room and presentation room for public art proposal’. Belgrade Cultural Centre. Belgrade, Serbia.
series of posters. ’26 salon mladih’, annual group show, Zagreb velesajam, Croatia.
‘Third program...record’. video/sound installation sellected for ‘the 26th Salon Mladih, Zagreb Velesajam, Croatia.

‘What does a waitress do’. actor, musician, text. Gail Gates Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
‘Trilingual works’. paintings, Centre Social de Servieres, Marseille, France.
‘It reminds me of a radio play from the 50’s’. video/sound installation,
’Festival mora’ with The Art Workshop Lazareti, Dubrovnik, Croatia/ Ancona, Italy.
‘It reminds me of a radio play from the 50’s’. broadcast on ‘Radio Brussels’, Brussels, Belgium.
‘Lectures on lectures’. presentation inc. sound, drawing. Hallefurkunst, Lunaberg, Germany.
‘From the entrance till above’. video/sound installation for Open Nights’, curated by Suzanne  Oxenaar / Vincent de Boer, Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, NL.
‘I would wake up to it and hear where i was’. installation inc. video, sound, mirror, glass. Kunsthalle, Bremen, Germany.

‘Between two ends’. tv, microphones, receptionist, stages, soap opera. 34th Zagreb Salon, Zagreb, Croatia.
‘Anothey Way ’. installation including light, video, photographs, Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, curated by Ute Meta Bauer,NL.

‘Theatre Stage Set’, paintings selected for the ‘33 Zagreb Salon’, annual group exhibition, Zagreb, Croatia.

‘Transition’. installation selected for The Trienale of Croatian Sculpture’, tri-annual group show, Zagreb, Croatia.
‘Occupied’. installation inc. markings on the walls, text banner, light emmiting diod, stone carving, Labin, Croatia.

‘Transition’, installation, group exhibition ‘Let’ with Art Workshop Lazareti, Split, Croatia.

Preise und Auszeichnungen

Middlesex University scholarship for practice based PhD in visual arts.
Frankopan Fund Grant for practice based PhD in visual arts for 2007/2008.

Siemens Award for the project At First Sight.
Radoslav Putar Award for contemporary art, including residency at the ISCP NY.

HDLU (Croatian Art Association). Artist Award.

Award from the Croatian Ministry of Culture for the multimedia project ‘Third Part’.

Research and development grant  from Art Council England for the video/documentary project ‘To Whom no One Ever Tells Stories’.

First prize for the best new theatre production, for ‘Oedipus’. Split, Croatia.

First prize in ‘project’ section, at 34th Zagreb Salon for Design, Zagreb, Croatia.

Grant awarded by UNESCO for research on theatre in arts practice. Farrera, Spain.  

Scholarships from Nuffic, (Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education), awarded for two years post graduate study at Jan van Eyck Akademie,  Maastricht, NL.
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